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Scientia LLC was founded in September 2010 by Doug McDaniel, Lucas Johnson, and Mark Koi.  These three entrepreneurs have over 55 years combined experience in designing, developing, deploying and supporting myriad systems for the U.S. Government and commercial customers.  Following very successful careers as civil servants, they have been in private industry over six years and have performed various tasks and provided high-tech products for the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) and Department of Defense (DoD).  Systems supported include the U.S. Navy’s Shipboard Protection System (SPS) and Integrated Radar Optical Sighting Surveillance System (IROS3), U.S. Army’s Rapid Aerostat Initial Deployment (RAID), Military Sealift Command’s Shipboard Security Module (SSM), and U.S. Marine Corps’ Ground-Based Operational Surveillance System (G-BOSS).

We will continue to provide world-class, best value products and services to our customers using science, innovation, and integrity as our cornerstones.

Our expertise, knowledge and experience enable us to supply our customers with cutting-edge technical solutions that are truly unsurpassed, and in many cases unparalleled.


Doug McDaniel, Co-founder and President, over 25 years experience in federal government acquisition and contracting statutes, regulations and processes.  His expertise includes Federal Acquisition Regulations, GAO Bid Protests, start-up business requirements and management.

Mark Koi, Co-founder and EE/Senior Software Engineer, has over 27 years experience providing engineering and software development services to the U.S. DoD.  His expertise includes military sensor integration, rapid development/prototyping, and has worked with products from L3/WESCAM,  and Northrop Grumman supporting Manned and Unmanned Air Systems.  Mr. Koi is a co-patent holder (U.S. 6,903,676 and 7,049,998).

Lucas Johnson, Co-founder and EE/Senior Software Developer, is a graduate of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and specializes in Linux software development.  Mr. Johnson has written numerous drivers to integrate sophisticated sensors and other equipment into several tactical systems.